Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Snowbound! Blizzard of February 1, 2013

It started late afternoon on Friday and didn't stop until Saturday mid morning!  
Strong winds, huge drifts and a final 30" in most places in Connecticut.

 Just having some fun while shoveling for 3 days in a row.

 Luckily we had a few days warning, so I stocked up on food and other necessities. 
I even parked towards the end of the driveway since I would be shoveling.

I trudged through the snow which was up to my thighs, and I'm tall!

Finally a path to the door!

The snow is piled up against the sliding glass door.

Snowshoers make their way down the unplowed street.  Two days later a plow made a single car path down the middle. Unbelievable, there's just too much snow and no place to put it. 

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