Monday, December 4, 2017

Fence Picket Snowman

Updated December 2017, Making more snowfriends!

What fun! These are sitting on my front porch.

 I had a few fence post pickets hanging around so I decided to turn them into snowmen. These are pressure treated, six feet long and 5.5 inches wide. I cut two from one picket, leaving the dog ear on one and one without. These were very quick and easy to make. I started by painting 1/4 of the top of each picket black as well as another piece of wood for the brim. Nothing fancy, just pieces of pallet wood I had in the stockpile. 

Log slices painted brown then detailed with white paint.

Log slices for eyes & a cute triangular nose painted orange.
I painted the bottom 3/4's (give or take, I just eye-balled it) with white paint. Not having a ventilated area to work it, I used a small paint roller and a can of exterior paint that I had on hand. I had the black Rust-Oleum paint from my log snowman project, which covers very well. I'm sure spray paint would have made the job go quicker.
The nose was another scrap of wood cut in a triangular shape, then painted orange. For the eyes and buttons, I cut small discs from a log, the same discs I was using for my other log snowmen.  I glued everything together plus used small brad nails, hammered in from the back. I couldn't use my nail gun because the smallest nail would have been too long. :(
Keeping each other company!

Now, to paint the mouth and tie on a scarf, he's outside on my porch, ready to great you!
Bundled up in a fleece scarf during a snowfall.

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