Sunday, August 22, 2010


I often wonder what makes people happy and why fiddling makes me so happy. If I stop to really think about happiness, a few things come to mind. So what can I do to achieve this happy state?

♪ Passion - Having a passion for something can truly inspire someone to be happy. I have a passion for knowledge, photography, gardening, relationships and most of all "fiddling". I am inspired to evolve and grow into a better person.
♪ Challenge - I need to have a challenge in life, something to strive for and drive me to keep going. I've always wanted to obtain my bachelor's degree and now have seven remaining classes. I'm an A student and loving the experience at Charter Oak State College.  (Update: I graduated in June of 2012!)
♪ Gratitude - I'm very grateful and appreciative of what I have. A wonderful family and friends. I'm grateful for the experience of adopting two special needs girls, who have added so much to my life. There were many happy, fulfilling times that I would never take back.  I try to find something good and positive in all that I do.  We often get wrapped up in focusing on what we don't have or didn't accomplish. "Things" don't make us happy, in fact I feel that too much "stuff" can overwhelm and create mayhem in our lives. It is such a cleansing experience to clean out and get rid of all the extra things in our lives.
♪ Faith - You have to believe in yourself and that you will be able to achieve your destination. Every experience has a purpose and something positive can be gained from it, even if the experience is a bad on or a set back. I like to think that I have the mental and spiritual strength to take on challenges and to grow in ways that I need to grow in order to succeed.
♪ Journey - Life is simply a journey and having a purpose to get up each day and do the things required to follow your journey will create much happiness in your life. I want to move forward, grow and be happy!

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  1. wow i kike how you worded that with all the titles i like it.