Monday, February 10, 2014

Jeremy's Beer Tote

Beer Tote with opener.

Here's another idea using the basic toolbox shape. Size it to fit a six pack of beer! Of course soda, water, wine coolers & other drinks would fit as well. I saw many of these on Etsy, some more elaborate than others but selling in the range of $30 - $70. Of course, I pondered, I can make this for my nephew Jeremy. His birthday was coming up in March and this would make a great gift.

I had a lot of very hard pine left over from a "This End Up" couch that I had taken apart. I used that wood for the sides and bottom, drilling holes for the screws. I think I like nails better, but it's done and I don't think Jeremy will mind.  This assembled just like the other wood totes I had made previously. I even used an old broom handle that belonged to my dad (Jeremy's grandfather).  I looked for the opener at a few local package stores, but no luck. I ordered them from Amazon.  Happy Birthday, Jeremy!

Built-in opener.

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