Thursday, April 24, 2014

Wooden Toolbox Totes

So many uses and great as a gift.
My inspiration came from a site called "Funky Junk Interiors". Donna had posted numerous styles of creating these popular wooden toolboxes.  I got the bug to try it when a woman, Jennifer Lewis, posted complete directions and lots of detailed photographs. You can download directions are HERE.

Sides & bottom nailed together.

Cutting the "dog-eared" end pieces.
 My first box was a struggle but oh, what fun! I  had a miter saw to work with so my pieces couldn't exceed six inches wide or I'd have to cut them another way. I don't have a table saw and a jig saw cut just wouldn't be straight. My 1x6 pine pieces worked  great. Assembling the box was a struggle but I finally developed a method of clamping that worked just right.

Sanding the box before the handle goes on.
An old cane gets re-purposed as a handle.
An old gentleman from Northfield, CT made hundreds of canes. He also played the fiddle as well as constructed them. A group of us would take a ride to his house and visit him with our instruments. Roger Curtis was a wonderful man and all of us would play some great music together. He wouldn't let us leave until we went on his porch to take home a few of his hand made canes. Mr. Curtis passed away just before his 100th birthday.  So this toolbox that I'm making for a fiddler friend, who was close to Mr. Curtis, sports a handle made from one of his canes. He had carved the date and his initials in each one, which is visible in the next picture.

Cane made by Ronald F. Curtis 1998 is re-purposed into a handle.
I finished this toolbox with a light coating of tung oil. I hope she likes it!  I've made quite a few different ones, varying the size, color, height, handle, etc. Here's a few pics.

This is mine! Turquoise my favorite color these days.

Added a space for a message with chalkboard paint.
Taller box - great for a wine tote. The handle from a broken chair.
Beautiful blue for plants, wine, books, flowers or whatever.
Utensil tote for the kitchen.

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